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LW5 in flightThe Little Wing is a tractor (engine in the front) autogyro designed to make high performance flights and set ever improved world records. This aircraft was five years in design by Ron Herron of Little Wing Autogyros and owner/pilot Andy Keech and co-built in that time together. This is the fifth version of Ron Herron's Little Wing configuration (hence LW5) and is focused on all-round performance: speed, distance, climb and altitude flying. The goal is to make this one of the world's most successful record setting aircraft. Andy Keech and the LW5 (affectionately called "Woodstock" in honor of the famous little yellow bird) have already set the three transcontinental speed records for autogyro class (east to west, west to east, round trip) as well as world class records for speed, altitude, climb, and distance. In doing so, the LW5 is the only rotorcraft to ever do so and one of only two aircraft of any kind to do so.

Here on you can learn more about this amazing aircraft and its adventurous pilot as Andy and "Woodstock" try to shatter their own records. We'd love to hear from you, so please send us your questions and comments.